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Get 24/7 peace of mind with our security operations centre.

Our SOC team proactively monitors 24/7 for malware, responds swiftly to ransomware and employs EDR tools for real-time endpoint protection. Additionally, it integrates the latest threat intelligence and leads recovery efforts post-ransomware attacks.

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Get 24/7 peace of mind with our security operations centre.

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Continuous Monitoring

With continuous monitoring and a vigilant watch over your organisation’s network, systems, and applications around the clock, we detect, respond to, and mitigate security incidents to ensure that any threats are promptly identified and addressed.

Continuously monitoring your network and early detection enables proactive defence, preventing threats from escalating and causing significant damage.


Threat Intelligence Gathering

Leveraging sophisticated threat intelligence tools and techniques, we gather insights into ever-present cyber threats and attack vector behaviour, anticipate attacker tactics, and proactively strengthen organisations’s security.

Gathering threat intelligence helps to understand the evolving threat and implement effective countermeasures against the latest techniques used by cybercriminals.


Ransomware Detection

Employing specialised tools to detectransomware variants and activity early, we identify and neutralise ransomware attacks and minimise the risk of data encryption, extortion, and significant damage to operations. 

Swift identification and response to ransomware incidents prevents costly downtime and data loss and facilitates the restoration of encrypted data from backups.


Malicious File Detection

Our SOC analysts utilises potent malware detection tools, employing heuristic analysis and machine learning algorithms to instantly identify and offset both known and unknown malicious files attempting to infiltrate your organisation’s systems.

Malicious file detection technology promptly spots and reduces the risk of malware infections, data breaches, and safeguards your systems from malicious file infiltration.


Advanced Breach Detection

We monitor user behaviour, network traffic, and system interactions, utilising behaviour analytics and machine learning algorithms to uncover sophisticated attempts attempting to breach your organisation’s network defences and prevent further compromise of your organisation’s systems.

Harnessing advanced breach detection techniques enables to identify anomalous activities and swiftly implement containment measures to minimise the impact of the breach.


Office 365 Risk Detection

Our security professionals assists in identifying and mitigating security risks associated with Office 365 environment, protecting sensitive data through vigilant monitoring for suspicious activities, ensuring data confidentiality, and integrity.

Specialised Office 365 risk detection protects critical Microsoft 365 applications from unauthorised access and enhances security and integrity of cloud-based systems.


Suspicious Tools Detection

Actively observing your organisation’s network, we pre-emptively locate and block the presence of suspicious tools used in cyber attacks, signalling potential malicious activity, preventing forbidden access, data theft, and system compromise.

Detecting shady tools used by cyber criminals prevents unauthorised tools to move laterally within your network and enhances business overall security posture.


Alert Generation and Triage

Our team assists to generate real-time alerts based on security event’s thorough analysis and triage focusing on genuine threat and investigating the most crucial vulnerabilities, leading to faster resolution and reduced impact.

Minimising false positives through accurate triaging and alerts ensures that valuable resources are focused on the actual breach, allowing analysts to concentrate on intricate investigations.


Incident Analysis

In the event of a security breach, we conduct in-depth investigations using forensic techniques, analyse system logs, and utilise threat intelligence to identify the breaches range, root cause and implement corrective actions.

Thorough analysis of security incidents offers valuable insights into the extent of vulnerabilities, their impact, and core causes, thus aiding in the prevention of similar incidents in the future.


Incident Response

We establish a clearly outlined incident response plan and remain on standby 24/7, to promptly take decisive action such as shutting down or isolating affected endpoints and applications, suspending compromised accounts. 

An effectively coordinated incident response ensures a prompt and effective response to contain the vulnerabilities, mitigate any damage, and quickly restore normal operations, thereby reducing downtime and disruption to business.


Communication and Coordination

Our security team maintains open lines of communication, facilitate collaboration among different teams and stakeholders, ensuring all relevant parties are informed, actions are coordinated, and incident response efforts are aligned.

Efficient communication facilitates well-informed decisions during critical situations, enabling swift and coordinated efforts for a more expedient and effective resolution to the incident.


Forensics and Investigation

Following the event of an incident, our SOC team conducts a forensic investigation to determine the attacker’s methods, full extent of the breach, and gathers evidence on violations of security policies and cyberattack patterns to prevent similar attack in the future.

Cyber forensics investigations aids in obtaining valuable information about how attackers gained access and exploited your systems and guiding future security improvements. 


Recovery and Remediation

Efficiently restoring your systems, we erase and re-establish data, email, and endpoints, restart applications, switch to backup systems, diligently recover compromised data, and implement necessary remediation measures to prevent future attacks.

Streamlined resolution efforts bolster overall security measures, reducing the long-term impacts of a security breach by restoring systems and infrastructure to a secure state.


Reporting and Compliance

We provide detailed reports on security incidents and system health, from root cause analysis to remedial actions along with conducting routine audits for legal compliancees, promptly inform regulators, and clients in case of breach.

Precise incident reports and compliance records provide transparency and accountability, aiding in regulatory adherence and showcasing diligence in security management.


Review and Improvement

Learning from past incidents, we continuously evaluate and refine our security processes, adapt strategies to outpace attackers, and ensure optimal value from your organisation’s cybersecurity investment through ongoing improvement efforts.

Ongoing evaluation of security controls and adaptation to emerging threats enhances effectiveness and adaptability, ensuring sustained protection against dynamic cyber breaches and bolstering overall resilience.

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The team at Binary IT has done an excellent job in keeping our computers and data secure. They offer the Binary S 360 package, which is brilliant—it covers everything and provides us with total peace of mind. They ensure we're protected from any cyber threats.
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For more than six months, Binary IT has been looking after our computer and network systems, making sure they're safe and sound. They've checked for any weak spots, offered good advice, and really tested our defenses to make sure everything's solid. Their team is incredibly helpful and really knows their stuff.
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Security Redefined
Relentless Surveillance, Rapid Solutions

Redefine security with our suite of services built on the pillars of relentless surveillance and rapid solutions, establishing a proactive security ecosystem that not only identifies but also anticipates threats.

Empowers you to pinpoint potential threats with greater accuracy and agility, revolutionises information workflow from all your devices, applications, and enhances your organisation’s data collection with increased efficiency and precision. 

Assess IT infrastructure’s security posture and outdated software for potential vulnerabilities, prioritising and implementing effective measures to mitigate risks, strengthen defences, and safeguard your businesses critical assets.

Examine system configurations to identify even minor errors that could potentially create security gaps, optimising them to ensure the organisation’s security architecture are properly configured to withstand potential attacks effectively.

Centralise the collection, analysis, and management of security event data and incident logs, providing real-time insights, and reduces the risk of breaches and unauthorised access while enhancing security orchestration.

Automate routine tasks and pre-defined responses to security incidents enabling security engineers to focus on complex threat investigations, strategic initiatives while improving response times and reducing the risk of human error.

Simplify security procedures, boost efficiency through automated patching, user activity monitoring, and threat intelligence updates, and guarantee uniform enforcement of security policies throughout the organisation.

Integrate machine learning algorithms into your security solution to analyse vast amounts of data, identify subtle patterns and predict potential threats swiftly and accurately, thereby enhancing overall security effectiveness.


A Security Operation Centre (SOC) is responsible for monitoring and analysing an organisation’s cybersecurity landscape. It employs advanced security tools to recognise, respond to, and mitigate potential threats in real-time. It plays a role in safeguarding digital assets and ensuring the integrity and security of the organisation’s information systems by proactively managing and responding to security incidents.

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is important for monitoring and managing an organisation’s cybersecurity. It plays a vital role in collecting and analysing security information, ensuring adherence to security policies, and swiftly responding to potential threats. It serves as a central hub for enhancing the overall security posture, spotting and mitigating risks, and maintaining the integrity of digital assets.

Having a Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides invaluable benefits for organisations. A SOC offers a proactive defence against security threats by implementing best practices in security monitoring. It provides real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, and continuous security service, ensuring robust protection for digital assets. The benefits include heightened cybersecurity, early threat identification, and adherence to industry security standards.

A Security Operation Centre (SOC) is a centralised team that manages and responds to security incidents, led by a SOC manager. On the other hand, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a technology that collects and analyses security event data for proactive security measures.

While a SOC involves human-driven incident response, a SIEM focuses on automated event management. Together, they contribute to managed security, ensuring robust data security by combining human expertise and technological solutions for a combined defence strategy.

SOC consists of essential elements like incident response, threat intelligence, compliance management, continuous monitoring, log management, a dedicated SOC manager, detection mechanisms, recovery and remediation strategies, and directed threat response. 

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) identifies and responds to cybersecurity threats by monitoring network activity, analysing alerts, and swiftly initiating incident response procedures. Using advanced security analytics and information security protocols, security responders investigate and avoid threats, while ongoing analysis informs continuous improvement efforts to enhance future threat detection capabilities.

A SOC deals with a spectrum of incidents, including cyber threats, data breaches, malware attacks, and unauthorised access. Expert security analysts employ security policies and procedures to promptly identify, mitigate, and respond to these incidents, ensuring a resilient defence posture.

A SOC ensures compliance with data protection regulations by deploying vigilant SOC team who monitors and analyse security data. Through continuous oversight, adherence to regulatory frameworks are maintained, and proactive measures are taken to address any potential compliance issues, ensuring robust data protection practices.

A SOC manages incident reporting and communication through structured processes and clear channels. This involves prompt identification of incidents, efficient reporting mechanisms, clear communication channels, and coordinated efforts among security analysts to swiftly respond, mitigate, and communicate the status of the incidents.

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