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Founded by experienced professionals to empower businesses and safeguard their digital assets through
cyber security solutions.

Recognising organisations’ growing risks, we provide tailored solutions, navigate evolving threats, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and collaboration sets us apart. By forging strong partnerships and understanding our client’s needs, we deliver customised solutions that align with their goals.

With a track record of outstanding services and client satisfaction, we are dedicated to securing your digital future by staying ahead of emerging threats and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Let’s navigate the cybersecurity landscape together with confidence.



Craft a personalised cybersecurity strategy aligning with your business goals for robust protection against digital threats.



Develop detailed cybersecurity plans, ensuring your organisation is prepared with preventive measures, incident response, and recovery strategies.



Deploy advanced security solutions, such as encryption and intrusion detection, to fortify your digital assets against evolving cyber threats.


Receive ongoing support through monitoring, updates, and training, empowering your team to effectively tackle emerging security challenges.
Our vision

to be a trusted leader in the cybersecurity industry

We strive to deliver innovative and comprehensive security solutions that protect our client’s critical assets, enable their growth, and safeguard their reputation. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering strong partnerships, we aim to impact the global cybersecurity ecosystem positively.

With a focus on trust, excellence, and ethical practices, we are committed to creating a secure digital future for our clients, their customers, and our communities.

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Introducing the visionary minds driving our cyber security company to unparalleled success. With unparalleled expertise and a relentless dedication to safeguarding digital assets, our team stands at the forefront to ensure protection against evolving cyber threats.

Ram Ganesan

CEO Binary IT

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Project Manager

Frances Paras

Cyber Security Specialist

Bishnu Timalsina

Cyber Security Analyst

Our Mission

We aim to provide proactive threat detection solutions that empower organisations to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. We are dedicated to leveraging advanced technologies, industry expertise, and continuous monitoring to identify and mitigate risks before they can cause harm. We aim to ensure our client’s security and peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Safeguarding Privacy

At Binary IT, we aim to safeguard privacy by offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We prioritise protecting sensitive data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations. Through advanced technologies and proactive measures, we enable organisations to maintain the privacy and trust of their stakeholders while empowering them to thrive in the digital world.

Our mission is to deliver tailored and effective security solutions to protect organisations from evolving cyber threats. We provide comprehensive services, including proactive threat detection, vulnerability management, incident response, and more. By empowering our clients with robust cybersecurity measures, we enable them to confidently navigate the digital landscape and focus on their core objectives.

Our mission is to promote cybersecurity education and awareness. Knowledge is the key to combating cyber threats. Through training programs, workshops, and resources, we empower individuals and organisations to understand and mitigate risks, fostering a culture of cyber resilience and creating a safer digital environment for all.

We strive to empower digital transformation by providing robust cybersecurity solutions. We understand the importance of embracing technological advancements while safeguarding critical assets. Our expertise, innovative strategies, and cutting-edge technologies enable organisations to confidently embrace digital transformation, knowing their digital assets are protected against evolving cyber threats.

We aim to strengthen cyber defences for organisations across industries. We are committed to providing comprehensive security solutions that fortify their digital infrastructure and protect against sophisticated cyber threats. We empower our clients to maintain a robust security posture and safeguard their valuable assets through advanced technologies, proactive monitoring, and tailored strategies.

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