Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) delivers enhanced security by offering deep visibility into endpoint activities. Strengthening overall defences, the EDR platform effectively detects sophisticated malicious malware and attacks, isolating infected endpoints for swift threat remediation.

Without EDR, breaches spread like wildfire, jeopardising every device and your network’s integrity.

Don’t let that happen! Reach out to Binary IT today for a powerful endpoint security solution, featuring the art of threat hunting.

  • Provides deep visibility into endpoint activities.
  • Strengthens overall security, making it harder for attackers to penetrate.
  • Detects sophisticated malware and attacks that traditional antivirus might miss.
  • Isolates infected endpoints and quickly remediates threats.

Our EDR in Action: Metrics that Matter

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Securing Your Endpoints with Our EDR Methodology

A step-by-step process for implementing EDR.

Continuous Monitoring

Maintaining continuous vigilance on your backup systems, we will monitor activity and data flows in real-time to provide you with visibility into the performance, and integrity of your backup processes.


  • With our vigilant monitoring, you can take proactive measures to resolve any issues or failures in the backup process, guaranteeing the reliability of your data backup and recovery systems.

Threat Detection

Integrating threat detection mechanisms into your data backup and recovery infrastructure, we will categorise threats according to their severity and impact and swiftly apply necessary measures to mitigate potential harm to your data.


  • Utilising our threat detection capabilities enables proactive prevention of security breaches and unauthorised access to your backed-up data. It facilitates real-time identification and swift mitigation of potential threats, ensuring enhanced protection for your organisation’s critical assets.

Alerts and Investigation

We will establish a process for investigating and assessing the alerts and notifications set up to promptly notify you of any anomalies or suspicious activities in your endpoint devices.


  • In this phase, you will promptly receive real-time alerts regarding potential security incidents, enhancing your incident response capabilities by swiftly identifying, investigating, and addressing anomalies or suspicious activities.


Response and Remediation

Based on the investigation findings, our team will implement a targeted response plan from isolating infected systems and patching vulnerabilities to restoring data from backups to neutralise the threat and prevent further damage.


  • Our structured and coordinated approach to incident response ensures that downtime and data loss are reduced to a minimum. By swiftly addressing security incidents, you can mitigate risks and restore normal operations efficiently, safeguarding your organisation’s data and reputation.

Continuous Protection

Following the initial response, we will work with you to identify and address any vulnerabilities that may have allowed the threat to occur, update and strengthen your security measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. 


  • Continuous protection safeguards your sensitive information, minimising the risk of data compromise by maintaining a high level of security through a layered defence mechanism, preventing unauthorised access.
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The team at Binary IT has done an excellent job in keeping our computers and data secure. They offer the Binary S360 package, which is brilliant—it covers everything and provides us with total peace of mind. They ensure we're protected from any cyber threats.
Telecommunications equipment supplier
For more than six months, Binary IT has been looking after our computer and network systems, making sure they're safe and sound. They've checked for any weak spots, offered good advice, and really tested our defenses to make sure everything's solid. Their team is incredibly helpful and really knows their stuff.
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All-Inclusive Endpoint Threat Management: Shielding Your Endpoints

Ready to leave endpoint vulnerability behind? Explore how our state-of-the-art EDR tool, coupled with advanced threat-hunting capabilities, revolutionises your security stance and provides peace of mind.

Going beyond traditional antivirus measures, our comprehensive approach is meticulously crafted to enhance your security posture, empowering you to confidently embrace a secure future.

Leave behind endpoint vulnerabilities as we proactively fortify your devices against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Identify and neutralise even zero-day threats and sophisticated malware variants with our advanced next-generation anti-malware protection technology, safeguarding your data and systems from malicious software infiltrators.

Don’t wait for threats to emerge, actively seek them out, integrating real-time threat intelligence into your system, allowing you to pre-emptively update your defences and block emerging threats before they can even reach your endpoints.

Ensure your system’s security through automated patch management, which includes identifying missing patches and deploying them across your network seamlessly, eliminating potential entry points for attackers without causing disruption.

Strengthen your defences and prevent future incidents as we meticulously analyse the incident, identify the root cause, and implement corrective measures to provide actionable insights to prevent future occurrences.

Building a digital quarantine zone to contain the threat, our endpoint protection service promptly isolates infected endpoints, preventing the spread of malware and safeguarding other devices from compromise.

Stay one step ahead of potential risks with our regular vulnerability assessments, identifying any weaknesses in your endpoints and offering you actionable recommendations to minimise the chances of exploitation.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cybersecurity solution designed to detect and respond to advanced threats on endpoints (computers, servers, and mobile devices).

EDR security solution focuses on monitoring and analysing endpoint activities in real time, providing insights into potential security incidents and enabling rapid response to mitigate risks.

EDR stands apart from traditional antivirus software due to its advanced and proactive threat detection capabilities.

Unlike antivirus software, which relies mainly on signature-based detection, EDR utilises behavioural analysis, machine learning, and heuristics to promptly identify and address emerging and sophisticated threats in real-time.

EDR can protect against a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, fileless attacks, and other advanced persistent threats.

Its ability to monitor and analyse endpoint behaviour allows it to detect anomalies and potential security incidents that may go unnoticed by traditional security measures.

EDR is suitable for both small businesses and larger enterprises. While larger enterprises often have more complex environments and higher security requirements, small businesses can also benefit from EDR’s advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

The choice of endpoint detection and response solution may vary based on the specific needs, budget, and resources of the organisation.

EDR plays a crucial role in incident response and threat investigation by providing detailed insights into the timeline of events leading up to a security incident.

It helps security teams understand the nature and scope of an attack, facilitates quick containment of threats, and provides valuable data for forensic analysis to prevent future incidents.

Our EDR service encompasses advanced threat detection, real time monitoring, endpoint isolation, forensic capabilities, and rapid incident response.

We prioritise continuous updates to stay ahead of evolving threats and provide a user-friendly interface for effective management and control over endpoint security.

Yes, our EDR solution includes real time monitoring and alerts. We ensure that security teams receive immediate notifications of suspicious activities, allowing for swift response to potential threats.

It is a cornerstone of our EDR security service to enhance the overall security posture.

Yes, EDR is suitable for remote or endpoint devices. As the modern workforce becomes more mobile, EDR solutions have adapted to provide protection beyond traditional office environments.

Our EDR service is designed to secure endpoints regardless of their location, ensuring comprehensive protection for remote and mobile devices.

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