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As per source, approximately 100,000 ChatGPT user login details were discovered for sale on the Dark Web in 2023. This incident underscores the critical importance of implementing robust Dark Web monitoring measures to detect and prevent data breaches before they escalate. 

According to the Australian Financial Review, over 100,000 suspected login credentials for Australian government agency portals were found on a Dark Web forum, raising concerns about a significant global data breach. 

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Data Collection and Scanning

Leveraging Dark Web monitoring tools to uncover potential vulnerabilities, security gaps, and third-party breach, we will thoroughly scan the Dark Web and gather information from various sources to ensure a resilient and secure environment.


  • Utilising scanning and collection capabilities, aids in proactively identifying leaked data and stolen credentials sold on the Dark Web, enabling early detection before exploitation by cybercriminals.

Data Analysis

We will analyse the data anomalies or warning signs of cyber threats, ensuring the most critical issues are addressed first and provide valuable insights into your system’s security to fortify your defences.


  • Thorough analysis of emerging threats, allows proactive vulnerability identification, empowers you to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity risks and effectively safeguard your organisation’s data.

Threat Intelligence Integration

Spotting threats before they strike, we will harness the power of threat intelligence integration for real-time monitoring and advanced contextual analysis, empowering your organisation with an impenetrable shield against evolving risks.


  • Incorporating threat intelligence enables you to stay informed about emerging threats, new attack techniques, and the tactics employed by threat actors and proactively prevent security incidents.

Alert Generation and Reporting

Upon detecting a potential threat or security incident, our system promptly triggers alerts, notifying you with accompanying reports that offers detailed information about the threat’s nature, severity, and recommended mitigation actions.


  • Prompt threat alerts empowers quick response, ensures potential risks are timely addressed, and enhances decision-making by providing valuable insights into the cybersecurity incidents.

Continuous Monitoring and Updating

Our Dark Web monitoring services involve ongoing surveillance of your domain, public IP, and even personal email addresses for 24/7 protection and consistently updating our tools to stay ahead of Dark Web threats.


  • Continuous monitoring ensures ongoing visibility into the Dark Web and identifies new sources of potential risks through regular updates and scans which allows for effective protection of sensitive information.

Response and Mitigation

In the event of an emerging threat, our rapid response team will stand prepared to swiftly deploy proven mitigation strategies and incident response protocols, effectively neutralising the threat to minimise impact and restore operational normalcy.


  • Swiftly addressing to threats, response and mitigation feature enables timely threat neutralisation, reduces the impact of security incidents, protects your organisation’s assets and enhances overall security.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

We will ensure your digital operations stay compliant by guiding and supporting you in aligning security practices with industry-specific frameworks and regulations, thus averting potential legal and financial liabilities.


  • Ensuring regulatory adherence helps establish a solid foundation for compliance with industry standards and legal requirements, allowing confident operation within the bounds of the law, and upholding business integrity.
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For more than six months, Binary IT has been looking after our computer and network systems, making sure they're safe and sound. They've checked for any weak spots, offered good advice, and really tested our defenses to make sure everything's solid. Their team is incredibly helpful and really knows their stuff.
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Eyes on the Hidden Web: Total Dark Web Protection Services

Discover the hidden threats lurking within the depths of the internet with our Dark Web Monitoring and Protection Services, offering a robust shield of security for your digital assets, protecting them from malicious web crawlers.

Receive immediate alerts upon detection of your personal information on the Dark Web, such as your work and personal email address, user ID and password, origin of data, and compromise type, reducing the risk of identity theft or financial loss.

Swiftly detect compromised login credentials enables you to promptly take action, such as resetting passwords or implementing multi-factor authentication, to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data and secure your valuable assets.



The Dark Web refers to the part of the internet that is intentionally hidden and inaccessible through traditional search engines. It is a network of encrypted websites that requires specific software or authorisation to access. The Dark Web provides anonymity to users, making it a hub for illegal activities, such as the sale of stolen data, drugs, weapons, trafficking and hacking services.


On the Dark Web, various types of information are bought and sold by cybercriminals which includes personal information such as social security numbers, credit card details, login credentials, and medical records. Additionally, corporate data, intellectual property, hacking tools, and even illicit services like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can be found for sale.

Dark Web monitoring is the process of actively scanning and monitoring the Dark Web for any instances of compromised or stolen data related to individuals or organisation. It involves using specialised tools and techniques to search for specific information, such as leaked credentials or indications of potential threats.


Dark Web monitoring can track a wide range of information, including personal data like email addresses, usernames, passwords, and social security numbers. It can also monitor for compromised corporate credentials, leaked financial information, discussions about potential cyber attacks, and any other relevant information that could pose a risk to individuals or organisations.

Dark Web monitoring offers several benefits. It provides early detection of potential data breaches, allowing business and individuals to take proactive measures to protect their sensitive information. It helps prevent identity theft, financial fraud, and other cybercrime by alerting users to any signs of their information being traded or sold on the Dark Web. Dark Web monitoring also provides valuable insights into emerging threats and trends in the cybercriminal underground, enabling business to enhance their cybersecurity defences.



Monitoring the Dark Web is highly recommended, especially for organisations and individuals who handle sensitive data. Cybercriminals often sell stolen information on the Dark Web, which can be used for various malicious purposes. By monitoring the Dark Web, you can stay ahead of potential threats, mitigate risks, and protect your data and reputation.

Dark Web monitoring itself is legal, as it involves monitoring publicly accessible parts of the internet. However, it is important to note that engaging in illegal activities or accessing unauthorised data on the Dark Web is strictly prohibited and against the law. Dark Web monitoring solution focuses on protecting individuals and organisations by monitoring for potential threats and exposed data, rather than participating in illicit activities.


Every organisation that handles sensitive data or has an online presence can benefit from Dark Web monitoring. It provides an additional layer of security, helping detect data breaches, compromised passwords, and potential threats early on. Dark Web monitoring is especially crucial for industries that handle highly regulated data, such as healthcare, finance, and government, as they are prime targets for cybercriminals. By investing in Dark Web monitoring, organisations can proactively protect their assets, maintain compliance, and safeguard their reputation.


Automating Dark Web monitoring provides numerous benefits, including continuous real-time surveillance for prompt threat detection. It enables swift responses, reducing vulnerability windows and mitigating data breach impacts. Automation streamlines monitoring, freeing up resources for threat analysis and mitigation, while enhancing efficiency through advanced algorithms and machine learning.

The frequency of scans for leaks and compromised data depends on the specific Dark Web monitoring service and the needs of the organisation. However, reputable Dark Web monitoring services typically conduct scans on a continuous or frequent basis. This ensures that newly vulnerable data or information for sale on the Dark Web are identified as soon as possible. The exact scanning intervals may vary, but the goal is to provide timely alerts and updates to organisations regarding any potential risks or exposures discovered on the Dark Web.

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