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How is Binary Armour Unique?

To ensure email security, Binary Armour safeguards email content and communication from threats by using spam filters, malware scanning, phishing detection, and encryption. On top of that it utilizes behaviour analysis, often integrating with global threat intelligence to combat evolving threats. By prioritising the credibility of each interaction, Binary Armour detects and mitigates social engineering attacks aimed at businesses and employees, ensuring the safety of your customers against the most significant threats of today. 

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Automatically detects and isolates potentially malicious emails that manage to bypass an organisation's email platform

Binary Armour provides advanced email security by automatically detecting and quarantining suspicious emails, safeguarding your organisation from potential cyber threats. With its seamless integration and powerful protection, you can trust Binary Armour to keep your email communications secure and your business operations running smoothly.

Activation takes minutes

Start protecting your customer’s organisations instantly. No email configuration required.

No delay in receiving emails

Analyses messages in real time with no delay in email delivery. Safe messages are never quarantined.

Detects zero-day attacks

Powered by patented AI technology, the Binary Armour algorithm detects zero-day attacks in real time.

Automated phishing defence

Integrates at the API level to detect sophisticated social engineering attacks.

Employee Shield visual notification

Provides an interactive warning banner to notify you of any suspicious attacks and how to remediate threats.

Add Binary Armour to Your Security Stack

Binary Armour is a fully cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for email re-routing or installing agents. It offers a seamless deployment process that can be implemented across your email platforms within minutes. With Binary Armour, you can enjoy streamlined alerting and mitigation through integrations with help desk ticketing systems commonly used by MSPs. This allows for efficient incident management and swift resolution of email security issues, enhancing your overall service delivery and user satisfaction.
protect your email with binary armour.
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Designed for businesses to protect against human error.

Mitigate the risk of human error with our solution designed for businesses. Safeguard your organisation from costly mistakes and enhance overall security posture.

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